Onnit Gym Austin x Good Joo Joo

The team at Good Joo Joo (GJJ) partnered with Onnit Academy Gym (Onnit) to completely overhaul their Digital Acquisition Strategy in order to drive gym membership numbers through the roof.

Onnit Gym Austin, Onnit’s flagship fitness center in Austin, TX, was in need of a digital strategy overhaul after setting aggressive membership goals for themselves. Before a partnership with Good Joo Joo, Onnit Academy Gym relied largely on organic leads & referrals to drive and convert leads. This approach was incredibly successful, but like scaling businesses, Onnit saw the possibility for more with Austin's rapidly increasing population and a community-wide interest in fitness. Here's where we're at six months in...


  • Leads, where y’at? Onnit already had excellent offerings and an impressive number of members, but they wanted to get more eyeballs and do what they do best, help people optimize their lives.
  • Competitive market. Austinites value their fitness as much as they do their tacos. With the influx of Crossfit gyms, boutique studios, spin franchises and everything in between, Onnit faced many competitors in the area.

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  • Facebook Advertisements. GJJ faced the challenge of running effective Facebook ads in a highly-saturated Austin market. Using competitive research and industry experience, GJJ placed highly-targeted Facebook ads which successfully targeted prospective members among all walks of life and at all fitness levels all with one common desire, to optimize their health.

  • Google AdWords. GJJ relied on thorough competitive analysis to identify key areas to succeed through the use of Google AdWords campaigns. Go Google Onnit Gym, see what happens.

  • Hands-on guidance. Aside from strategic ad placement, GJJ hand-picked all advertising creative, took full responsibility for writing engaging copy, monitored ad performance daily, and even took the reins on creating and managing an appropriate budget to ensure results. We’re a part of the team. 


  • 54% decrease in Cost Per Lead.

  • 58% increase in Lead volume.

  • Maintained conversion rate of Leads to Onnit members.

  • 7x increase in Return on Ad Spend over 6 months.


Over double the leads, less than half the money, lots of Good Joo Joo.

Good Joo Joo Founder on Mobile Growth Panel at Facebook Austin

Good Joo Joo Founder on Mobile Growth Panel at Facebook Austin

We've got a fantastic panel of experts in mobile ready to share their experiences and strategies for growth, retention, and engagement. We'll chat about some of the features and campaigns they've tried that helped drive growth (and some that didn't), the tools they use for measurement, plus strategies for ASO/SEO, push, in-app messaging, and A/B testing. Then we'll turn it over to you for a quick Q&A and round the evening out with time to socialize and talk about all the cool things you just learned.

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