How to Make Sure Your Google Analytics is Set Up for E-Commerce

Setting up a good Google Analytics account is the foundation to proper tracking across all of your marketing initiatives. Wondering where to start or just want to make sure you checked all the boxes? Check out our list of must haves when setting up Google Analytics for an e-commerce company! 


Step 1: Do you have access and information for all accounts to be audited?

WHY: This one is housekeeping. You can’t do an audit without proper access.

  • Is the Google Analytics structure logical?
  • Is there a raw data (filter-less) view?


Step 2: Are the Google Analytics settings set correctly?

WHY: All of these items lay the foundation for a solid Google Analytics set up. If even your time zone is set up incorrectly, it can skew your data in a way that isn’t exactly ideal. Take the time to set this up correctly so your reporting is on point in the future.

  • Time zone right
  • Currency right
  • Default page set correctly
  • Bot filtering enabled
  • Site Search enabled
  • AdWords account linked to Google Analytics
  • Search console linked to Google Analytics
  • Exclude URL query parameters used
  • Goals set and tracking correctly
  • Content grouping enabled and correct
  • Internal/Agency IP’s filtered
  • Self referrals excluded
  • Payment gateway referrals excluded


Step 3: Is tracking implemented and working correctly?

WHY: This is the whole point of analytics! If some of your data isn’t being tracked or is being tracked improperly, then you’re missing part of the puzzle. Make sure everything is implemented and working correctly so you can make smart decisions based on the whole picture.

  • Tracking code version - ga.js, dc.js, analytics.js
  • Tracking on all pages (check for pages with no or incorrect tracking code)
  • Mobile site being tracked
  • Tracking code in correct place in source code
  • Tracking on 404 pages
  • Tracking code not duplicated on any page
  • Self referrals
  • Cross domain tracking in place


Step 4: Data Quality (Advanced)

WHY: Data quality is crucial, particularly for ecommerce companies. Whether you’re just running Facebook ads or have 8 acquisition channels including affiliates, you’re going to want to reliably measure where you’re getting the most bang for your buck (keyword: reliably). Tracking ecommerce data allows that if you’re doing it right.

  • UTM tagging being implemented correctly
  • Referral spam excluded
  • Ecommerce data correct

Overwhelmed or not sure where to find all of these metrics? Not to worry. We know our clients are busy running businesses. Good Joo Joo offers these services so you can focus on what you do best, and trust the analytics to us.

Reach out to us if you’d like help evaluating your Google Analytics account!