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We’re a lean, mean team of digital marketers who work with everyone from e-commerce hustlers to fitness gurus and education apps. We work exclusively on paid digital acquisition and CRM. Whether you know what CRM means or not, doesn’t matter. Read on...


This is a really broad role that will allow you to get your feet wet in multiple areas of marketing, but also have a say in the things you enjoy doing. Preparing performance reports for clients, staging digital ads, and editing copy on Wordpress are just a few of the things you might do. Killer attention to detail and desire to learn is the only prerequisite. (We’ll teach you everything else.)


We need someone who is willing to wear multiple hats and switch gears quickly. Excellent written and verbal skills will get you very, very far in our eyes. Attention to detail is everything — like did you notice that’s the second time we’ve said that?

  • Entrepreneurial spirit — have you ever had a side hustle?
  • Reliable — you do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it.
  • Not shy.
  • Probably played a team sport at some stage.
  • Wants to share victories.
  • Quick to admit when you make mistakes
  • Variety of interests. BE interesting. Have other things going for yourself. Play the flute for all we care, just something, anything.

[Did you notice one of those bullets is missing punctuation?]


We work remotely. We own our responsibilities even if it means completing four revisions for a client or working late to get ads staged. We work wherever in the world we want (coffee shops, Tulum, and Croatia are just a few) and we have a damn good time doing it. Let us know if you’re about the remote life too.


Pay is commensurate with experience. 15 hours per week, can turn into a full time role for the right person. Must be available during some US business hours.

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