If you have a consumer-focused product and are not playing this game, you're missing out. Big time. 



Entrepreneurs: We're startup veterans. You may be an entrepreneur with a great vision, product, and vast knowledge about your industry. Usually at this stage, business owners understand very little about the constantly evolving world of digital acquisition because you're focused on the nuts and bolts of the business.  Sound about right??

The GJJ approach with early stage companies is both consultative and hands on. We'll work with you to understand your goals, audience, demographics and more. Our media plans for small companies usually encompasses a series of quick & dirty tests to figure out all of your best performing assets, pair them together & get you a positive return on ad spend as soon as possible. Interested?

SMBs: So it's not your first rodeo? Awesome. We'll audit your current performance and discuss opportunities for growth. No training wheels, no BS -- just performance with the numbers to back it up.

The GJJ approach with SMBs can work with your organization in tandem or can function in a silo to achieve additional growth on top of your already (hopefully) stellar metrics. Let's taco 'bout it before someone in the team meeting gets side eye for no longer achieving "hockey stick" growth.

I’ve had the chance to partner with Alexandria on multiple projects, and I’m always blown away by her incredible marketing wizardry and entrepreneurial spirit. She takes a personalized approach to all the work she does and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. I’ve watched her successfully help create, manage, and improve the digital footprint of the brands, organizations, and people with whom we’ve partnered.
— Tina Heileman, Founder @ MAVN PR